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On the evening of 22nd of August we received a phone call to collect this female sparrowhawk. She was trapped between the wing and bonnet of a car which caused the injury to her leg, after examination the leg was broken. She has been to the vets and has received treatment.

Here are some of the birds of prey we have rescued lately. We are always looking for ways to raise funds to feed and care for them. If you would like to help with a donation or to sponsor one of our birds, please get in touch with us or click here:

With plenty of trees for roosting and cover, a water source nearby and away from the main road these pheasants have a beautiful new home!

Won't be long before these two are ready for their new beginning

Just a few of our wild tawny owl chicks - out in an aviary getting ready for release in a few weeks.

                     18/08'2016  14.27

A big thank you to Tricia and Richard Cable for a phone call earlier on this evening, they spotted this injured Tawny owl whilst on their way home. They marked the area it was last seen and gave us directions. We have had to remove fly eggs from around its mouth, it is very weak but has had some food, fingers crossed it will make it through the night.

Meet our newest resident to Animal House, Saracen the Sparrowhawk.

These pheasants are doing brilliantly and are starting to get their adult feathers. You can just see their tail feathers starting to grow. They are still on heat overnight so they don't catch a chill, but during the day they have a large cage where they can stretch their wings and they can already fly pretty well. In around 6 weeks these little guys will be ready for release and we already have a perfect farm lined up for their new home where they can be free!

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                  24/08/2016   07.45
One very poorly Barn owl just in. Was found on the Pickering road by a lady who picked it up and contacted us. He is still alive and he has a long road to recovery.

Update: Sadly died shortly afterwards.